The National Women of AT&T Mentoring Committee has the unique opportunity to create a mentoring program guide to help other chapters start or enhance an existing mentoring program by drawing upon our collective knowledge and interests while engaging and pursuing input from the various chapters best practices.

The National Mentoring Committee's Mission is to create and deliver a mentoring roadmap and will then define its role in supporting all the chapters mentoring programs.

What is WOA Mentoring?

  • WOA mentoring is a tool to help leverage our Company's most valuable resource: PEOPLE. WOA Mentors instruct by example, convey organizational values, demonstrate how to perform specific tasks, and serve as the Mentee's champion. Mentoring builds confidence, shortens learning curves, clarifies expectations, and can boost employee retention rates.
  • WOA Mentoring matters because it is one person's effort to guide another, with a goal of creating success and minimizing pitfalls. Mentoring matters because it not only benefits the individuals involved, i.e., Mentor and Mentee, it benefits the entire organization.
  • WOA Mentoring matters because it influences lives. Mentoring makes lives better. Mentoring can transform relationships across generational, cultural, gender, educational and class lines. Mentoring can touch one person's life and has the potential to touch and change a company.
  • WOA Mentees gain greater confidence, improved self-esteem, increased productivity, higher morale, better communication, encouragement, faster learning, higher achievement and even better attendance. Mentors often gain the benefits realized by the Mentees in addition to a sense of self-satisfaction, greater tolerance for difference, and reinvigoration of their work life.

Mentoring Is:

  • An opportunity to grow professionally and personally
  • A chance to identify weaknesses and work with an objective viewer to turn them into strengths

Mentoring Is NOT:

  • A guarantee of a promotion, a new job, a climb up the corporate ladder
  • An opportunity to meet and become best buds with senior leadership
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