WOA 2014 National Board Members:

Theresa Spralling
Chief Executive Officer – (Non-Voting member)

Rose Bredlau
Chief Operating Officer

Teanna Alexie
Program Officer

Carrie Rossidivito
Chief Financial Officer

Loretta Hunt
Public Relations Officer

Linda Kornacki-Kuhns
Regional President – East

Stephanie Rose
Regional President – Midwest

Janene Sakara
Regional President – Southwest

Stacy Brown
Regional President – Southeast

Shanna Applebee
Regional President – West

Tina Linker
Recording Secretary

Victoria Griffin
Community Outreach Officer

Lori Hoff
Mentoring Officer

Connie Black
Membership Officer

Trasey Allen
Fundraising Officer

Brenda Usher

Advisor – (Non-Voting member)

Until there are five (5) international chapters, the Chief Operating Officer will be the liaison for any international chapters. When the number of international chapters reaches five (5), a Regional President-International will be added to the Board of Directors.

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